Israel And Uae Peace Agreement Upsc

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India has provided continued support for peace, stability and development in Western Asia, our wider neighbourhood. This is a pioneering agreement, as the United Arab Emirates is only the third Arab country and the first in the Gulf to recognize Israel. Do you analyze the impact of the recent peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel on the region and India? The situation in the Middle East is complex and some observers believe that domestic policy in Israel and the United States may also be somewhat linked to this agreement. Several Middle Eastern nations also have controversial relations with Iran, and this improvement in relations between Israel and the Vae could be an attempt by the United States and Israel to use leverage to push other Gulf Arab countries to alienate Iran. Israel had signed peace agreements with Egypt in 1979 and with Jordan in 1994. But the United Arab Emirates, along with most other Arab nations, has not recognized Israel and has not yet had formal diplomatic or economic relations with Israel. Background: The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have signed agreements to establish formal relations with Israel. The Palestinians: Despite the obvious Israeli promise to end the annexation, the Palestinian leadership rejected the agreement and recalled their ambassador from Abu Dhabi. From the point of view of the Palestinians and their supporters, the agreement reflects the bad faith parts of Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, as the Israelis and Emiratis had already normalized their relations before the Abraham Agreement.

Netanyahu, facing weeks of mass protests against his mismanagement of the coronavirus epidemic, a drop in popularity in his country, and tried for corruption, could use the deal to revive his image. However, it risks alienating much of its electoral base, which had supported its plans to annex the West Bank. Last week, Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates had reached a peace agreement. Many countries, including European powers and India, welcomed this, while Palestinian leaders as well as Turkey and Iran struck in the United Arab Emirates.

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