Lease Agreement Germany

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Important: this type of rent increase is allowed, even if other increases have been agreed in the indexation clause of the tenancy agreement. Therefore, the tenant also has an exceptional right of termination if the landlord intends to increase the rent by this justification. The tenant can terminate the contract up to 2 months after receiving the notice of rent increase. It is important to note that only the person (s) related (s) has the right to terminate it. If there are several landlords or tenants, the notice of termination must be signed by all owners and addressed to all tenants or vice versa. Therefore, it is not possible for a tenant to terminate the contract itself. This can create difficulties when it comes to common habitats. To avoid this, some landlords choose to enter into a lease with each tenant. The landlord can only terminate a tenancy agreement in the following circumstances: in addition to its rights to the duration, expiry and termination of leases, tenants in Germany also have other rights. These are on the whole: An indeterminate lease is the most common type of rental contract in Germany. Any lease agreed orally or for a period of more than one year is deemed indeterminate.

Although a package for incidental costs may have been agreed in the rental agreement, the landlord can increase the rent – provided that a special clause to do so is included in the rental agreement. It only needs a written justification for the increase. In this case too, the tenant is entitled, upon request, to the exceptional termination of the contract. When you start your rental, there are different types of utilities and services that you need to organize. This involves finding a new supplier or transferring a contract to your name. Here`s a quick overview of the most important things you might need: Tenants usually have to pay a down payment before recovery to protect the landlord from damage or non-payment of rent. The exact amount is shown in your rental agreement, but must not exceed 3 months` rent. The normal notice is three months for tenants and landlords. The notice period for both parties is extended by three months after 5, 8 and 10 years of uninterrupted occupancy of the property. A shorter notice period for the tenant can only be agreed when the tenancy agreement is signed. Tenants may also impose shorter notice periods if the landlord announces a rent increase or if he or she makes a property recovery plan that results in an increase in rents. For legitimate reasons, the lessor may terminate the lease as long as the notice period is set.

This includes, for example, the tenant`s non-compliance with contractual conditions or the need for the property by the landlord. This is called the ordinary termination of the contract. The money should be held in a separate account, which was created for this reason, so-called the deposit account. All interest that this amount attracts must also be refunded to the tenant if the tenancy agreement is terminated and the deposit is repaid. Typically, it is permissible to change most things in apartments for rent: from the color of the walls to the shelves on the wall.

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