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The Ombudsman examined whether the Commission`s application of the differential was a practice that led to significant mismanagement of public funds, but found that the Council did not appear to have erred in wrongly applying the difference in assessment to companies in the Council`s territory. There were two individual errors that the Commission has just corrected. March 2020: Minister of Health and Welfare In this case, MP Chris Picton is requesting access to documents from the Department of Health and Welfare. The application included all documents held by a health facility, including the Executive Chief, relating to additional upgrades and/or resources for cardiac services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on March 18, 2018. October 2019: Department of Finance and Finance The applicant searched for emails from the Director, Enterprise Bargaining, Department of Treasury and Finance, the Minister of Health and Welfare, the Treasurer and other directors of the S.A. regarding the practical law of the physician. The agency found a document consisting of two e-mail threads. For the simple reference, the Ombudsman has designated each email as an email and two e-mail. The 2019 audit found broad compliance with the CLFP law; a higher level of compliance than the previous year.

The report notes that the seven recommendations in the 2018 report were implemented by the SA police. As a result of the 2019 audit, four further recommendations were made to improve the practice and compliance with the provisions of the CLFP Act and the regulation of the CLFP. October 2019: Investigation into a death in the Echunga Police Training Reserve The Ombudsman has investigated a case brought by the Independent Anti-Corruption Commissioner, which has raised accusations of maladministration concerning the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and the South Australian Police. The transfer was the result of a death in the workplace in the SA-police echunga training reserve in October 2016. It was alleged that prior to the death, DPTI had not inspected most of SAPOL`s workplaces as part of the intergovernmental organizations administrative agreement and that SAPOL was not ensuring that its sites were audited as part of the agreement. The investigation examined the AGFMA framework and agency practices prior to the Echunga incident and found that both agencies had committed abuses in public administration. In this regard, the Ombudsman concluded that prior to the death, DPTI had not carried out regular and judicious inspections of transit locations under its duty responsibility, contrary to its obligations under the AGFMA. The Ombudsman considered that DPTI`s practices in this area represented an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of people using government buildings.

The Ombudsman concluded that prior to the death, SAPOL also did not require its workplaces to be regularly inspected by DPTI as part of the AGFMA, which also posed an unreasonable risk to the health and safety of those who used SAPOL`s premises. The Ombudsman made several recommendations to the DPTI and the South Australian government to address the problems identified by the investigation.

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