Do Whsmith Sell Tenancy Agreements

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One of our agreements expired last November: has it already been implemented automatically or should we now propose a new six-month contract? We have reached an agreement for another landlord who says that he «intends to create a secure short-term rent,» and yet the term is «for a period of six months and then monthly, until it is written by one of the parties.» Is this type of hybrid agreement legal? If so, are there any drawbacks from an owner`s point of view? I am a private owner with nine properties. In the context of my tenancy agreements, under the title «Restrictions on employment and use: 1) use the premises only as a single private dwelling for occupancy by the tenant personally and no other person, whether a member of the tenant`s family or not; and 2) not to assign or share an under-distribution or part of the ownership or use of all or part of the premises.» Recently, I broke up with my partner, with whom I was not married, but with whom I had a common lease. Even though I told the landlord that I left because I was so scared, he refuses to remove my name from the lease. In two months, our tenants will have finished a year`s rent. I am about to write to see if they want to stick to the same rent. If they want to stay, are we just going to reissue a guaranteed short-term lease? If so, what will happen to the first six months of additional protection on a standard short-term rent, which should not really be applied to them, as they proved last year? In August 1973, a daughter and a mother signed a joint lease for a large apartment. The initial period was three years, after which the agreement indicated that it would continue to drive in both directions every month with a one-month delay. They must have been good tenants, because I would never risk tenants being in a property I was selling with a free property – I would worry about what they say (or do!) to drop off a buyer! I think it is the last paragraph that could be difficult. I would say in general that for your personal safety and privacy, visits should take place only in the last month of the lease. But you say you knew it was for sale, so you probably accepted a few visits. I think you need to talk to the owner and tell him how depressing this situation is. We rent a property on a secure short-term rent that runs from July 2005 to July 2006.

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